Mattew Guterl – Seeing Race (2013)


In his recently published book, Matthew Guterl examines what he call the “sightlines” of looking at race – the multitude of methods that have, over time, created an unconscious prejudice.

He begins with the practice of profiling (suggesting that its possible to identify criminals based on their appears) and how things controversial method has become a generally widely accepted practice. He looks at the historic stereotypes of African Americans and the excessive media attention that adopted multi-racial families garner. He talks about how the children are often descried as being part of a mini-UN under the benevolent leadership of white American parents; expanding the idea of family which emphasizing racial difference. He also looks at the way that race is often subversive especially in terms of people “passing” as other races.

While this is an academic book, it is still conversational and holds appeal for a wide range of audience, especially as notions of race become even more contested. His work is well researched, but he uses pop culture references to make it more accessible. A well written and insightful look at the way we view race today.

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