Carlos Ruiz Zafon – The Prisoner of Heaven (2011)

The-Prisoner-of-Heaven-UKAs I’ve already mentioned, The Shadow of the Wind, is one of my all time favourite books. It has all the elements of an amazing story and unfortunately for Zafon, is proving to be impossible to top.

After being somewhat disappointed by The Angel’s Game, I was looking for a bit of redemption from this book, but found myself even more disappointed. This story is a sequel to the Shadow of the Wind, in which you find out more about Ferimin’s sordid past and get the full picture regarding connections between characters in all three books. David Martin makes an appearance and leads to some interesting speculations about Daniel Sempere’s parentage. The story was interesting enough but it didn’t really go anywhere.

While The Angel’s Game was tied up quite hastily, The Prisoner of Heaven was not tied up at all. I have a feeling that we’ll see another sequel from Carlos Ruiz Zafon and this book was an attempt to set the stage, but I felt let down at the end of it. I highly recommend reading The Shadow of the Wind, but leaving the rest of the books in this series out.

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