Review Policy

Here are my policies should you request a review from me

1. I will review any genre of book, fiction or non-fiction, although my favourite genre is definitely historical fiction.

2. If you are interested in having me review for you please contact me by email at Include your name and “Book Review” in the subject line.

3. I will not charge for a review. I will also not pay/purchase a book. I see this as a mutually beneficial relationship, and I am a broke grad student.

4. I will accept an e-book in ‘mobi’ or ‘pdf’ format. I will also accept physical copies of books if you are so willing to ship one to me.

5. I cannot guarantee a positive review, I aim to be genuine and honest in all my writing. I do not rate books on any sort of scale, they are too objective.

6.  I also do not have a strict timeline. I am a student so my schedule fluctuate. At time I will be able to post a review within a week, and others it will sometimes take 2-3 weeks to do. My general goal is to post a review in less than 3 weeks after receiving a file.

7. I will post the review here, on shelfari, and on goodreads, as well as a link to If you would like it posted anywhere else please just ask, I will be happy to do that.

8. It would be most appreciated if you could promote this blog, I love to read and just want to share my passion with everyone.


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