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Erin Morginstern – The Night Circus (2011)


I was somewhat surprised to see the amount of negative reviews this book received on Goodreads. I guess the book isn’t for everyone as it is incredibly descriptive, though it is written so beautifully and I found the plot to be intriguing.

Morginstern brings to life this beautiful and fantastic world of the Night Circus and I found that her descriptions really added to the narrative; you can almost smell the caramel popcorn while reading this book. It made me wish that the Night Circus really did exist. Even with all the descriptions, I didn’t find the pace slow or lagging. The plot moved forward with ease, and the tragic circumstances surrounding two players in a deadly game comes to a climactic finish. While the fact that the book sometimes jumps between past/present made it slightly hard to follow at times, Morginstern makes up for it in many other ways.

Looking forward to seeing what Morginstern does next, but I’m not sure if she will be able to top this project.

Rating: 4.5/5