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Special Post – Douglas Coupland

I finished reading Generation X just in time to visit the Douglas Coupland exhibit at the ROM. (Part of the exhibit is also at MOCCA, but I haven’t gotten the chance to head down there yet). I loved Generation X, it so so surreal and absurd, and while it is written about those born in the 1950s-60, the sentiments and themes apply all the same to our generation. As strange as it sounds, I saw some similarities between Generation X and Girls, especially in some of the dialogue that had between the characters. The vague sense of perpetual dissatisfaction with one’s life is a theme in both Generation X, and current writing about “Millennials.”

I was also blown away by the exhibit. His art, shows such a deep understanding of human nature and the problems that plague us. Coupled has managed to stay relevant, being inspired now by what he calls the “21st Century Condition.” I took a bunch of photos and you can see them here, as well as read more of the thoughts I had about this exhibit.

#TBR Tuesday – Generation X

This Friday, January 31, Douglas Coupland: Everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything, an exhibit originally curated by Diana Augiatis, Chief Curator and Director of the Vancouver Art Gallery, is opening in Toronto split between the Royal Ontario Museum and the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art. Coupland is one of Canada’s most celebrated contemporary artists and writers, dealing with the “21st century condition,” a condition that affects us all. In anticipation of the exhibit I am re-reading Generation X, a salute to the generation born between 1950-1960, but which remains eerily relevant to us today.