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Rick Fontes – The Time of the Preacher (2014)


Rick Fontes’, The Time of the Preacher, will appeal to anyone who has a love of the Western genre. While the book has some issues, it proved to be a fast paced and enjoyable read.

Fontes’ book centers around the character of Brian McFee, an Irish immigrant who get’s mixed up in some questionable dealing in the Western United States before trying to reform himself by becoming a preacher. Unfortunately the Irishman’s past follows him, and he never gains full control of his temper.

While the story is compelling, at times things feel a bit rushed. Fontes definitely could have spent some more time on character development and flushing out the details of the plot instead of trying to make it a fast-paced, like many other Westerns. I would have loved some more information about Brian McFee’s past, and it could have definitely added another dimension to the character. The character of Salome too, who generally plays the role of a victim throughout the novel, could use some more development. There were a number of times when I didn’t really understand the motivations behind her actions.

I did appreciate that Fonte’s did not get too attached to his characters, and acknowledged their flaws. With a bit more editing and time, this novel has real potential to be quite something.